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Are you in search of commercial property services in Atlanta? Whether you’re outside or inside the city, we’ll help you take care of any repair services for your property. Our services target property owners, managers who rent out multi-tenant buildings, commercial properties, and residential homes and offices. We can assist with all your needs in and around your property, from regular maintenance to intensive projects.

How can our services help you?

Owning commercial properties and apartments is never an easy task. It’s your responsibility to ensure that all the units under your care are in good working condition, and anything in need of service needs to be taken care of in the shortest amount of time possible. However, you may not be aware of some of the signs of disrepair in the buildings. In most cases, by the time you notice any issues, it’s because there’s major damage, which will cost you tons of money. Our handymen can detect and prevent damages before they occur. Our diligent property inspections will check every component to ensure that everything is in working order. In case of any damages or necessary replacements, we strive to repair them quickly to avoid further deterioration of the building. Some of the services we offer include:
Some of the services we offer include:
  • Preparing residential or commercial property locations for sale or occupation by new tenants to help attract new customers
  • Handling all types of installation in and around the properties, such as lighting accessories, faucets, garage doors, and outdoor lighting
  • Odd jobs and repairs for current occupants
  • General repair and maintenance services in and around the property
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